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We believe that it is an entire community's responsibility to help students grow into kind and compassionate adults. We also know how challenging this can be in the current climate of COVID, social media, and other distractions. In a time when testing and academics feel like the most important aspect of educations, we can lose focus on investing in the whole child and the habits and traits that make them successful in all areas of life. We have adopted the CharacterStrong curriculum built around these "Eight Essential" character traits and the social-emotional skills that have been proven to help us be productive, empathetic, successful people. We will be working together to integrate character development and and social emotional learning to ensure a focus on the whole child!

The Eight Essentials


The Social-Emotional Skills

Social Awareness
Responsible Decision-Making
Relationship Skills 


Tools for Families

We encourage you to engage your students in conversations about their CharacterStrong experience.

  • Ask about the character trait vocabulary word of the month.
  • Try some activities related to character trait.
  • Tell stories about moments of growth you have had as an adult or when you were their age and faced with situations that connected to the character trait.
  • Try the Character Strong weekly

To learn more about Character Strong: